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If you need to take a rest, smell the perfume of the flowers and the mushrooms, and hear the sound of the wind that blows in this unique spot surrounded by fir trees and cypresses, we offer you a stay in Tuscany. Located in the green hills of Valdich
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Wine & Fishing: Uco Valley
The Uco Valley, 50 miles south of Mendoza city, is one of the most fertile grape-producing lands in the region. In this wonderful landscape we can find 2 golf courts with very different characteristics; Tupungato Winelands and Finca Atamisque. Moreov
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Great week with friends and a Grand Slam!
July 2016
by:: Antonio Lynch

I've discovered a different Gardens of the Queen this year from August 15th than from my last year's trip. I always liked this destination, it's demanding, vast, must work yourse [+]
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Jurassic Lake Fishing Lodge
Santa Cruz / Jurassic Lake Lodge
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