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Articles: Un viaje para soƱar

by: Daniel Beilinson

TSIMANE, July 2014

As any fishing trips one dreams about it, then you confirm it and later you start getting prepared for it until the last minute you actual start the trip.

This has been my fourth trip to TSIMANE, the ones before have been to the combined program of ASUNTA and PLUMA, but this time our destination was the so mentioned AGUA NEGRA Camp? heard many stories about it. I already knew the traveling logistics but not my fishing partners; we arrived to Santa Cruz de la Sierra on time and lodged in the comfortable 5* hotel ?Los Tajibos?. The following day we were picked up and transferred to the domestic airport ?El Trompillo? to take our charter flight to the indigenous community of ?Oromomo? located in the middle of the jungle, 2 hours from our departure point.

Once there we sailed upstream on board the typical canoes of the area, constructed with one wood trunk and an off-board engine, to the AGUA NEGRA Camp. The first thing that called my attention were the changes suffered in the watercourse of the Secure river due to the increased waters after exceptional rains at the beginning of the season, provoking new runs and spreading around more trees, roots, trunks and any other natural accident along and across the river.
Other thing that really called my attention was the amount of ?sabalo? (Prochilodus lineatus) cruising upstream and right after them ?golden dorado? of all sizes chassing them, once in a while, in every bit if the river!
The way from Oromomo to the Camp took us a little bit more than 2 hours, in some of the runs the water was so low we had to get down the canoes and walk the rocks or fallen trees over.
We finally made it to the Camp, built over wooden platforms, made of 3 ?Safari like? tents for the anglers, also another construction built of wood with typical palm ceiling that worked as the living/dining room, an open bar very well equipped, wifi, etc? and to finish the camp construction there are other facilities built for the staff room, kitchen, pantry, etc? The sleeping tents are very comfortable, nicely decorated and good beds, full bathroom with hot water.

The fishing beats are basically divided in four; two in the Secure river (downstream and the other upstream from the Camp base) and two in the AGUA NEGRA river (downstream and upstream as well). Both main rivers are quite different from each other, the Secure is wider and with more water volume, bigger pools and runs, and with more natural accidents in the way through (roots, trunks, rocks, trees?); while the AGUA NEGRA river is considerably smaller, easier to wade, with runs and pools bordered by an exuberant vegetation, also sand beaches and some fallen trunks carried by the current which is an ideal home for ?golden dorado? refugees.

As we were 5 anglers, the fishing groups were organized in 3 and 2; while one group was fishing the Secure, the other fished the AGUA NEGRA and the rotation was made in such a way that fish didn?t feel the pressure at all.
We were very lucky to have good weather every day and that ?sabalos? were swimming upstream both rivers. The fishing was even the whole week, even though there were moments of the activity, where there were ?sabalo? there were ?golden dorado? chassing. Different from other seasons, there were more quantity of smaller ?golden dorado? between 5 and 8lbs, many between 10 and 20lbs., and some few over 25lbs up to 30lbs.
In the SECURE the fishing was mainly in the runs (head and tail basically) and against the gully, almost always where the chasing was happening. In the AGUA NEGRA even though the fishing was also in the runs, we had better results in the pools with quiet water and casting near the fallen trunks. ?Golden dorado? were very aggressive, many chassing, and what worked really good were big streamers with muddler head and dark colours. Also the ?Titanic? did their good job, using equipment 8 with floating line (tropical) and steel shock tippet of 40 lbs.

Without any doubt TSIMANE is a unique place which keeps on astonishing us due to its exotic nature and virginity, wilderness and plenty of surprises, where is it normal to encounter jaguar (Panthera onca) footprints, resting yacares (alligators) in the beaches, trails of tapir (Tapirus terretris) all around and a huge variety of birds and butterflies of all sizes and colors.

After the fishing day, we went back to the Camp, took a refreshing shower and gathered in the deck for some cocktails and nice talks sharing our day experience among the fishing companions and the guides as well. After dinner we stayed talking and watching the stars for a while and simply listening to the mysterious noises coming from deep inside the jungle.
Overall the fishing was outstanding and most probably with so many ?sabalo? and ?golden dorado? around, the fishing will keep going very well for many seasons.
I?m already dreaming with my next trip to TSIMANE!

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