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Kau Tapen Lodge

Freshwater Patagonia, Argentina: Kau Tapen Lodge

End of season 2017

The 2017 season was officially the best seen in the past decade.
The season started in January, with some atypical conditions. Water levels were extremely low and water clarity was the equivalent of high-end crystal-without a spec of turbidity. These factors did not deter the fish from entering the system. Quite the opposite, actually. But it did force anglers and guides to sharpen their skills and find the right formulas for consistently fooling wary fish. At times that meant using long, supple leaders, Scandi lines with intermediate tips, and small nymphs.

Finally by mid season the rain began and didn't stop for twelve days of short but intense rain events. All the basin tributaries swelled, which caused the Rio Grande to fill out.
With the rain came the usual muddy water scenarios. There was a switch from light setups to the heaviest Skagit-style. As the river increased in size the catch rates continued rising as well, with more fresh and a few darker fish coming to hand.

By March, high and fast flows had become the norm. And full-sinking lines, T14-17 tips, and big flies were the everyday mainstays, it was the month of the 20-Pounders. Fishing on the Menendez was unreal, too.

Overall, 1,342 fish were landed and 629 fish were lost during the fight. The average weight of caught fish was 9.2 pounds-extraordinary considering that a 4 -pound trout is a "trophy" in most other parts of the world. Ratcheting up that average were the 47 fish that clients tallied weighing between 20 and 26 pounds. And on the next rung down, we saw 275 sea-run browns weighing between 15 and 19 pounds.



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