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Tanzania Trophy Tiger Fish Safari

Freshwater Africa: Tanzania Trophy Tiger Fish Safari

TANZANIA - November 2015

The two last weeks of the season were threatened by the weather; intensive rains and high and dirty waters.

It seemed that it was the larger fish that were the most active, having a very decent result in Mnyera river with a 16 lbs, a 17 lbs, a 14 lbs and finally a 19 lbs fish were landed!
The Ruhudji was proving a tougher challenge as the waters continued to drop, but remained cool and dirty, and the flood had also moved a lot of riverbed material around, completely changing the face of many of the established spots and forcing anglers to really re evaluate every spot from scratch. There was a healthy number of mid-smaller size fish that kept everyone busy at the beginning bringing bigger fish later in the weeks; around 18, 15+ and 12 lbs.

Thankfully the rains held off, the rivers cleared up and the big fish got out to play.
The staggering number of huge fish encountered in this last week was also a great comfort which reassures that the strict fishing management system is working, and that fishing pressure is not an issue throughout a busy season.



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