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Freshwater U.S.A.: Alaska Steelhead Lodge

2017 Season

The 2017 steelhead season proved to be the toughest season compared to past years, with a very erratic weather which effected the smaller rivers flows every week. It affected the steelhead run overall on all of the rivers, therefore there wasn’t a consistency in the fishing.

That all being said, even though it was the toughest year ever, it was still very good compared to steelhead fishing anywhere else in North America. Clients never noticed how tough it was because they caught steelhead everyday; average of 2-3 steelhead per angler a day. Once or twice a week customers would hook 4-8 steelhead and some customers each week hooked upwards of 15 steelhead.

The norm was intermediate tips and small sections of T-14 because of the higher water. Some weighted flies were used but the typical was to keep the weight in the tips. In normal circumstances, when rivers are at normal flow, dry lines and unweighted flies are used.

The run was very late in 2017 which led to some smaller steelhead in the system throughout the season. Usually the smaller steelhead get in first and move through the system by the 3rd week of September. The bigger steelhead start arriving in more numbers in October. But this year smaller fish prevailed until end October. As October grew longer there was more normal numbers of steelhead coming into the system but poor weather continued to effect the fishing days. Normally, there are blue skies and warmer weather throughout the weeks with some colder temps mixed in as well but it was just a rainy, colder year. Good weather is not necessary for good fishing but it sure is nice to have.
Crossing fingers for 2018!



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