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FlyFishingCaribe staff consists of specialists in fishing and traveling who will make your trip become an "unforgettable experience".

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Founded in 1999 by Daniel Beilinson and Antonio Lynch, FlyFishingCaribe aimed at organizing fishing trips to the Mexican Caribbean. Due to the great success of these trips, the company has widened its offer by including new destinations, such as North Argentina and Patagonia, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, Bahamas, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Venezuela, Russia, Canada and Alaska. All these destinations have been selected for their excellent fishing, top-quality of the service and the guides's qualifications. We have considered both the demands of the expert angler and the needs of the beginners. FlyFishingCaribe is proud to be able to assist its clients with every single detail without additional cost, so that they go on a perfect trip, without any "surprises". FlyFishingCaribe staff consists of specialists in fishing and traveling who will make your trip become an "unforgettable experience".

Daniel Beilinson


Businessman. He has been flyfishing for over 40 years. He has caught trout and sea trout nearly everywhere in the Argentinean Patagonia, from Santa Cruz to the south of Mendoza and Chile, and dorados in North Argentina. He has become an expert in saltwater flyfishing (bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook, jack, etc), traveling and fishing for more than 30 years in the Florida Keys and the Everglades (USA), Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Turk & Caicos, Belize, Anegada and the Granadines. He has been organizing and coordinating group trips to fish in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Los Roques (Venezuela), Seychelles, Sweden, Alaska, Christmas Island, Russia and Canada. He usually travels with the groups as a "group leader".

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Antonio Lynch


Agricultural Production Engineer. He devoted himself to the production of wool in Tierra del Fuego until he was 35 years old, where he learned to enjoy nature and flyfishing since he was 12. After working in advertising for some time, he worked for Orvis as Manager, in Buenos Aires. He got the certificate of Flycasting instructor in AAPM, where he started to give casting courses privately and then for Orvis Buenos Aires. He met his close friend Daniel in Orvis, who encouraged him to start his postponed fishing in saltwater. Antonio has been organizing group trips to fish in Argentina, Cuba and Mexico. He is in charge of the new diving division of the company.

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Martina Beilinson


Communication and Production. Martina has specialized herself in different areas of Communications, once graduated in "Graphic Design" at Parsons School of Design, New York and "Art Direction" at the Miami Ad School in Madrid. Her professional career was built between advertising agencies and production companies, where her duties embraced branding and 360° communication for "product placement" of different brands and product. In the production field, she has experienced both events and advertising commercials coordination. With Martina's knowledge and experience, it is a pleasure to have her in our team as Flyfishingcaribe's marketing "guru"; bringing together creativity, freshness and most important an effective branding to continue our expansion in the Angler market. Last but not least, Martina is a flyfishing fan.

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