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Patagonia Austral. The trip was amazing !

FRESHWATER Patagonia, Argentina: Patagonia Austral Chilena y Tierra del Fuego

by: Daniel Valois Gomez - December 2nd. 2010

Dear Daniel,

We are back home in Venezuela now, with a smile that will last a long time on our face. The trip was amazing, very good service. The guide, the chef and the staff of Pingo Salvaje Lodge were absolutely great. The choice of the rivers was good. Unfortunately, we were not able to fish one of them because it was quite muddy, but plan B turned out to be very good anyway. We went fishing to a spring creek, where Antonio taught me new fly fishing techniques. We were even lucky enough to catch a good fish. We ended up in Sofia lagoon that day. We asked to go there because we were exhausted and the fishing in the lake was less tiring. There was an excellent variety of fishing, as we went to different environments. Regarding quality, we only got one trophy, caught by my father in the spring creek. I had two or three very good strikes, but I didnt succeed in hooking the trout. Once again, I would like to mention that the service and attention went far beyond our expectations. The boys were very friendly, specially to my father, which was what I wanted the most. They really helped us make our dream come true.

In Calafate, we enjoyed our visit to Perito Moreno Glacier. My father loved the Quijote Hotel. We almost stayed one more day to spend the night at the hotel when going back.
By the way, thank you very much for the lunch at Calafate. The food was delicious and the service, very good too. We would love to return to Pingo Salvaje, to enjoy the amazing landscape and be close to Sofia Lagoon. The service was excellent; we would confirm if we were the only guests.

I have attached a couple of pictures which are memorable for us. My father is on one of the pictures, and I am on the other one.
I am interested in any promotions of fishing trips you might offer, and I recommend them without doubt.

Best regards,

Daniel Valois Gomez



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