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Great week with friends and a Grand Slam!

SALTWATER Cuba: Gardens of the Queen

by: Antonio Lynch - July 2016

I've discovered a different Gardens of the Queen this year from August 15th than from my last year's trip.
I always liked this destination, it's demanding, vast, must work yourself around the fishing and always gives opportunities of captures. Guides must sometimes chase the fish and together with a good casting you can have a very profitable day.
What you have in this late season from the Cuban summer, are many casting chances for the so wanted permit, besides bonefish and tarpon.
The permit is not an easy prey, but if you dedicate it time and the water and weather conditions are favorable, then you can see many of them along the week. But from there to actually fish them, that's another story, achieve the precise cast and that it feels tempted by the chosen fly it's given in special occasions.

I was able to fish 2 last year in August and I got the priviledge to catch 1 on July 20th this year! (it was full moon the previous night).
I have already chose my favorite crab for this place, which has always worked for me fine.
I also enjoy very much the bonefish fishing while tailing in the flats, the fulfill everyday's wish of capture with a nice cast and an even better run. Besides it's a good training previous to the permit's chase.
As far as the tarpon, passion of many anglers due to its strength, jumps, size and the difficulty in setting the hook for its hard jaw and the easiness with which they can get loose from the fly.
During this season there are predominantly baby tarpon in mangles mainly and some can be found hunting in flats. The biggest sizes were up to 30 kgs (66 lbs) in this area.
When you fish a permit, the possibilities of achieving a Grand Slam becomes more real and even guides get more enthusiastic and immediately start searching for tarpon everywhere. In this occasion we landed a baby tarpon in the mangles, and last the bonefish who seals the Gran Slam.

The group of friends who traveled with me in that week worked our very well, we had a great time and shared amazing food and good memories on board the Avalon Fleet II.

Always a pleasure!


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