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Me sorprendiĆ³ un permit. / A permit surprised me.

SALTWATER Cuba: Cayo Santa Maria

by: Tim Brown - July 2017

Dear Daniel,

We had a good time in Cuba. There was a good variety of fishing. Mainly tarpon caught: always something every day and several takes which did not hook up.
With 2 of us fishing in the boat on one occasion we each had one fish on. A nearby boat had a good view as each fish jumped at the same time. On the last day we decided that one fish tried to take our 2 flies at the same time!

One morning I landed a good Tarpon of about 60 lb. We went to a different site in the afternoon, the guide had warned us earlier on in the week 'sometimes we see Permit there; they feed near the surface of the water showing their tails even though the depth is 3-4 meters'. As we fished I had a good strong take just like a Tarpon [well I did have a black and red Tarpon fly on the end of my line], it ran taking out the backing but it did not jump at all. A strong fish, and as it came closer to the boat the guide was as excited as I to see a good size Permit eventually measured at 87 cms. We raced off to the flats to find a bonefish for the grand slam!

I hope you and Marta are well. It was a pleasure meeting you again and your wife.

Tim Brown


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