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Sidorovka is considered the little brute among the wilderness rivers on the Kola Peninsula. The river might look like a modest grilse stream but beware; its mix of salmon running between 10 and 30 pounds will test any fishermen ability.

Trip Overview

The Kola Peninsula is in the far northwest of Russia. It lies almost completely to the north of the Arctic Circle and is washed by the Barents Sea in the north and the White Sea in the east and southeast.

The beautifully situated river Sidorovka is one of the most isolated and scenic on the northern side of the Kola peninsula. From the source on the tundra it flows into the Barents Sea in between it´s more famous neighboring rivers Varzina and Eastern Litza. The first salmon enter the streams in early June. Since there are no large holding pools on the lower stretches fish will make the run up stream despite high and cold water. The flow is moderate but with fast flowing rapids and deep cut pools. Don´t let the size of the river foul you! Statistics show a surprising number of salmon on + 100 cm! The average weight in June and beginning of July is a healthy 6-8 kg, a brutal little river!

Sidorovka is about 20 km long and runs from its source on the nearby mountains tundra towards the sea through a beautiful canyon where the camp is also located. The site is far away from roads and human impact. The only way to get here is by helicopter. All fishing on both sides of the river is reached on foot. You will need to be reasonable fit to access all fishing spots. Many pools are possible to wade and from the beginning of June to August, the midnight sun makes it possible to fish 24 hours a day. Sidorovka get it’s main water from melting snow and rain and even during a down pour the river is clear as vodka!


The Sidorovka Paradise Camp is about 4 km upstream from the sea, and offers fishing for six rods. The salmon fishing includes the whole river from sea and up to the mountain lakes starting about 10 km from the sea. You are helicoptered into camp and then left to explore the river on foot. It's possible to hire a small helicopter to reach the further pools, if available.

The fishing week runs from Thursday to Thursday.

Thursday: Reception at Murmansk ariport and transfer to Lovozero's helicopter pad to fly to Sidorovka Camp. The distance to Lovozero is 3 hour bus and then 1 hpur helicopter flight to the Camp. Upon arrival to Camp, guide's will give instructions, assist with accommodation and briefly describe the fishing organization for the next days. Dinner is usually served at 20 hs and electricity is off at 23 hs.

Friday to Wednesday:
08.00 hs Breakfast is ready.
09.00 hs Depart to fishing destinations. Lunch is served by the river.
18.00 hs Return from fishing day.
20.00 hs Dinner.

Thursday: After breakfast fishermen will pack up their belongings and the helicopter will depart camp at 10.00 hs. towards Lovozero and back to Murmansk.


The camp is situated in a very picturesque deep canyon of Sidorovka river. The accommodations consist of a group of three large double tents, with full-size beds, mattresses and linens, small wardrobe for dress holding, kerosene-combustion heater. The camp has a tent- restaurant with small bar, drying room for gear, daily hot shower and a free mini sauna 1-2 Times a week.
The Camp can accept 6 anglers per week.

Tackle and Flies

Gear: Two handed Spey rods 12-15 ft. #8-9-10 (no less). If you are a very experienced angler bring a one handed rod 9-11 ft. # 8-9 for dry flies. Think about bringing an extra rod.
Good reel with min. 150 m 30 lb backing. Shooting heads or Spey lines from full float to inter changeable tippets; intermediate. Full line WF float #8-9.

Flies:Golden Killer size. 4-8. Sunray shadow on tube. Various salmon flies in green/black or yellow/black works fine. The water is very clear and flies mostly need to be sparsely dressed. Bombers and hitch or foam flies in size 4-8
See all suggestions in fly gallery.

Tippets: Fluorocarbon 0,30-0.50 mm (18-25 lb). Tippet length 9-15 ft. Monofil 0.30 – 0.50 (18-25 lb) Tippet length 12-15 ft (for skatingflies or bombers).

Waders + Wading boots (remember that they need to be good to walk in, felt soles can be very slippery). A Simms Vapor boot with rubber-sole and cleats is ideal.
Wading stick
Rain jacket
Warm jacket
Polarized glasses
Warm underwear
Mosquito repellent (also bring a mosquito net/hat)

Dry Fly N2 Bomber 2 - 4 - 6 Wet Fly Green Machine 4 - 6 - 8- 10 - 12  Micro Sunrise  Sunrise  Agregar Nombre + Info  Surfboard  Tube Fly  Golden Killer  Agregar Nombre + Info  Agregar Nombre + Info

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Sidorovka 2020


2020 USD 5100

~ Per person on double basis. ~

Rates include: Reception at Murmansk airport and transfer to Lovozero. Round trip helicopter transfer to Camp. 7 night accommodation in camp, all meals and soft drinks. 6 fishing days with 1 guide each 2 anglers. Fishing license.

Rates do not include: Round-trip airfare to and from Murmansk; meals and accommodations in Helsinki or other en route cities; visa processing. Alcoholic beverages, personal insurance, guides and staff gratuities. Helicopter transfer to further pools.

Fishing report

July 2020

Warm weather in the northern coast of Kola Peninsula. Average air temperature was about +20C, water warmed up to +16C. Water level was below average. There was a big run of grilse into the river which caused very reliable fishing. The biggest fish of this week was 101cm male salmon caught on Avenue of Giants. The result of this week is 57 nice salmon.

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