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SALTWATER Cuba: Cayo Largo

by: Javier Solis - October 2014

Dear Daniel,

My week in Cayo Largo has been very productive. We arrived to Cayo on the 25th, and we were told that the last 5 days a cold front entered the area, bringing cold weather and rain, as well as low pressures. Therefore during our first fishing day we saw very few fish, only one permit during the morning and 2 tarpon that afternoon. During our second day, we found a school of permit in one of the channels and after 30 minutes of persecution I finally was able to cast at them and the biggest of the group grabbed the fly, unfortunately after trying to set the hook I lost it. During the third day I landed 3 permit!!! Two of them were following a ray and the other one was a loner... we also fished quite a lot of bonefish and I hooked a tarpon around 50 lbs but lost it. During the fourth day we saw during the morning 3 permit but the casting was very difficult and couldn't throw at them.
After lunch, we approached a muddy spot in a flat and saw 2 permit cruising around, after my second cast the fish couldn't resist my fly! I also hooked a very bod snook but after a while of fighting the line cut off... apparently it was already burnout.
Overall I can't complain, I landed 4 permit in a week in October, which is not usually the best fishing period.

As always our guide William was spectacular and Mauro's attention extraordinary. I also must say that the Hotel has improved quite a lot since Fernando's new managing.

Thank you Daniel,



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