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SALTWATER Mexico: Isla Blanca

by: Mr Anderson - June 2015

We had a great time in Mexico, the fishing was challenging at times particularly as we had largely overcast weather which made spotting fish much more difficult.
That said, with tarpon as an option we had a great time learning more about tarpon fishing and I am firmly hooked on it. Those first few moments are truly explosive! They were all caught in the Mangroves and I don't know what a good day is in terms of numbers but on one day we caught 5 between us. I am mystified by permit as getting the fly in the right place in a school of 50 fish didn't lead to a take on a few occasions - even the guide expressed true shock, so something to learn there. The overcast weather meant we only went for permit on 2 afternoons.

The hotel was great and evening restaurants were great too. All in all a fantastic visit, thank you!


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