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FRESHWATER Patagonia, Argentina: Jurassic Lake Lodge

by: Jörgen Berggren - March 2018

You know how it is; going to a new destination you read a lot online , listen to other anglers that fished the destination. Again I had it all figured out…. All the right flies were tied….. I had a mental picture of the lodge, the nature, the lake.. In short; I had a game plan ready!…. And again I was wrong! The fishing at Jurassic Lake Lodge was more demanding, more technical and much more interesting than I imagined. Add to that friendly staff and guides, a robust lodge that takes care of your needs and really good food (and wines). Then you have the making of a great fishing week!

Fishing the lake was a bit tricky, the fish were there but not going for your fly in every cast. A longer leader and careful selection of fly and fishing method was key to have some hookups! A (very) slow retrieve with an olive wollybugger or a black leech kept the fish biting. I fell in love with the small Rio Barrancoso, packed with fish from 5-25 lb. A red worm fly presented under an indicator was the killer combination at least for this week.

I hooked and landed some beautiful fish during the week and I am convinced that the Jurassic Lake Lodge has got the best and most interesting fishing around the lake. I will return for sure…


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