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Excellent for trophy trout

FRESHWATER Patagonia, Argentina: Jurassic Lake Lodge

by: Daniel Beilinson - April 2018

Two years went by since my last visit to Strobel. Saturday April 7, very early in the morning, we got transferred from the hotel to the local airport in Comodoro and flew towards the landing stripe especially built by the Jurassic Lake Lodge, 20 minutes away from the lodge. The flight lasted no more than 2 hours in a Twin Otter 300, and by noon we were already in our comfortable rooms getting our stuff unpacked.

During the week there were only 6 of us fishing, this made easier the rotation of spots without stepping in each other’s area during the best fishing hours. The weather presented cold and windy for the upcoming week, nevertheless the fishing was really good and only when it was very cold the fishing activity decreased a bit.
We fished from 9 to 12:30 hrs and from 16 to 16:30 hrs, with double hand rod which resulted the best option to achieve longer distances. It was notorious the difference from those who kept on with one hand rod, they got less hook ups. The most popular flies were nymphs (Prince, Scuds, Copper John, etc…) and some small Wolly Bugger in olive, black and white colors. Floating lines and intermediate in special occasions, with leaders 9 to 12 ft and from 12 to 16 lbs. In very few occasions we could fish with dry flies, foam style, only late in the evening when the wind was calmer and it was really fun because fish (6 to 11 lbs) bit the fly very gently but then gave a nice fight.
Trout in this time of the year are strong and give a decent fight, during the week I was able to fish around 50 between 6 and 20 lbs., many of them silver and healthy.

Summing up, this is a program for those seeking trophy trout, staying at a high quality lodge with great service, in very comfortable rooms and bathrooms with hot water, delightful cuisine and next to the fishing spots. The 14th in the morning we flew back to Comodoro after an excellent fishing week.


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