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FRESHWATER Canada: Terrace / Kalum

by: Carlos Muracciole - October 2014

Dear Daniel,
My second experience in Terrace was different from the one I had las t year.
We departed on September 28 from Vancouver airport and after 1,5 hours flight we landed in Terrace, where we met Chad. It was about 7pm, it was already dark and raining. We went into town to get some wines and liquors and headed to the lodge.

The Pioneer Fishing Lodge gave us a very nice impression. Guests had already had their dinner and we met Jorgen and Kent, two really good guys form Sweden, who were going to join us for the rest of the week.
Since the fishing starts very early, around 5.30am, we got settled in our rooms and went straight to bed.

Our first fishing day. After meeting Jezz Crosby (a real character!) and his wife Pip, owners of the Lodge, and having a regular breakfast (coffee, toasts, juice, fruits and eggs if wanted?) we prepared our equipment and off we went fishing.
Our destination was going to be the Kalum river with Dustin, hoping for Coho and some Steelhead, but Dustin the day before made an extra effort and was in back pain unable to go out, especially with the bad weather conditions: dirty waters and low visibility to see the fish. We went to the Skeena instead with Chad, but despite his effort and after the extensive miles of search for fish, as my partner said, it was a day of ?two hand rod?. We only had a couple of hook ups and that was it. During my second cast, my rod broke down but thanks to the well-prepared people of Nicholas Dean, they gave me a spare one they had for backup. All wading fishing, the skiff is only for transportation. The lunch was simple and fast on the skiff, a sandwich and a fruit, not much inspiration.
We went back to the lodge after 5pm, took a shower, some appetizers were served and the dinner. Dinner, is always served at 7pm, on time, and it?s all a ceremony. Dishes with a spectacular presentation, well elaborated and delicious. Every day, the chef Jeff, another special character, presents every dish to the table. During dinner we met to English and a Canadian from Toronto, who were also fishing with us sharing the week. We ended up forming a nice group!
Tuesday, the bad weather continued and we headed towards the Kasics river with Sky. What a wonderful fishing day! The river was pretty clean, our fishing mode was casting from the skiff with single handed rods, Daniel and me fishing at the same time. Daniel landed 17 Coho salmon and I landed around 10, some of them really silver and fresh, approximately between 9 and 13 lbs. We came back very happy to the lodge.
Wednesday we repeated the Kalum since the Skeena wasn?t giving that much fish and later on with Dustin recovered, we went to the Kasics and between my partner and I we landed 35 Coho salmon. What a day of getting tired of fishing! Haha.
Thursday the weather was horrible so we decided to do some tourism in Terrace.
Friday the only good river fishable was the Kasics, so we headed there with Sky and repeated the success of the previous days.

I would like to address the good will and effort of Chad to help me with a health issue I had during the week, taking me to Terrace to the doctor and helping me feel better.

Overall a good fishing, despite the bad weather, great food and drinks, the place very nice and comfortable and especially the nice company we had along the week. Sharing this passion with you after many years us still a blessing.
Thank you!



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